Once people are no longer needed by the elites for their labor, they will be deemed useless.

Tyler S. Farley

There has been much hand wringing over artificial intelligence and automation and what it means for people’s ability to find a job in the future. Many experts and business executives think that within 10 years, as much as 20% of today’s jobs will go away due to automation or AI. A prospect that will be devastating to our economy.

But while that is a serious problem that needs to be addressed, there is a deeper problem that arises due to this automation. For the most part, the only reason the average person is even thought about is because the elites have needed their labor. Once their labor is no longer needed, people will become virtually worthless in the eyes of the elites.

This may be hard to understand, but it all comes down to value. The elite need people for their labor, that’s really the only value the elites see in the average person. Those “laborers” also pay taxes, so they have a value to the state. However, once their labor is no longer needed, they no longer have value to anyone in the elite establishment, public or private.

The elite don’t hire people because they are “job creators” and want to do good, they hire people because those people allow the elite to make more money. Every company makes more money via an employee than they pay that employee.

Imagine you start a lawn care business and it’s just you doing all the work. But after a while, you have more customers than you can handle, so you need to hire an extra person. In capitalism this is called job creation, but the reality is you don’t really want to hire anybody, you just need to do so in order to make more money. You would love to make that extra money without the hassle of hiring someone and giving them a cut of your earnings.

This is exactly what automation is allowing the elite to do. They can expand their business without the need to hire anyone. Once they no longer need the labor pool to fuel their growth, the labor pool no longer has any value. And when people aren’t working, they don’t pay taxes, and therefore the state doesn’t care about them either.

This sets up a situation where the state is only going to be concerned with the needs of corporations. Everyday people will be deemed worthless.

Everyday people have always been deemed worthless and expandable throughout history. But the elite were forced to at least keep us all comfortable because they needed our labor to get rich. But soon they won’t need our labor anymore, and that makes many of us worthless in their eyes. Combine that with the fact that they have so much influence in government, everyday people’s needs and concerns will not even play a part in the discussion.

And some may think there will always be work in the military, but as we all know the military is moving full steam ahead with automation. The DOD and Pentagon are spending more money on drones and autonomous vehicles then they spent on The Manhattan Project. So soon, the government won’t even need you to fight their often pointless wars.

So while the thought of not being able to find a job may sound scary, what’s even more scary is the thought of no longer being viewed as having any purpose by the elites who control the world.

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