Trump is right. His greatest achievement will be exposing the rampant corruption in the FBI and our intelligence agencies..

Tyler S. Farley

During an early morning media scrum just outside the White House, President Trump answered a variety of questions in rapid fire fashion for nearly 40 minutes.

During one exchange, while explaining the corruption that occurred at the highest levels of the F.B.I, President Trump said that his role in uncovering the corruption and subsequent spying on his campaign may end up being his greatest achievement as President.

In all honestly, it’s very hard to argue against the case Trump is making in this regard. Tens of millions of people are now aware that the FBI and the CIA are corrupt and political organizations. These are people who just two short years ago had full faith in these agencies to protect America and enforce the laws of the land fairly. But after what they have seen happen to Trump, they know there is an out of control and corrupt element within these agencies and most of government itself.

But it’s not just government agencies, Trump’s Presidency has shown those same people that a majority of the mainstream media is just a mouthpiece for those same corrupt government agencies. The 40 plus million Trump supporters in this country have seen how the mainstream media is totally biased and fake. But not only that, the media parrots the narrative fed to them by the FBI for political purposes.

What makes Trump’s Presidency even more transformational is that his supporters are realizing none of this corruption is new. These groups such as the FBI didn’t suddenly become corrupt in 2016. They have been rotten for decades, going back as far as the late 1950’s when these agencies started gathering intelligence on politicians they didn’t like to extort or blackmail them into doing what they wanted. Slowly over time these intelligence agencies along with the FBI have grown so corrupt and powerful, that in 2016 we saw how brazen they had become. They made no attempt to hide their bias or true plans. Former CIA and intelligence leaders like James Clapper and John Brennan took jobs at cable news outlets so they could push their narrative. It was an all out effort to exert their control on the democratic process they were suppose to be protecting.

The problems at the FBI and our intelligence agencies goes far beyond what happened in 2016. But luckily, Trump’s election has exposed them to tens of millions of Americans who otherwise had no idea. And those Americans will not soon forget what was done to the man they elected President in 2016.

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