There is a larger chilling effect in what YouTube did to Antonia Okafor.

Tyler S. Farley

Rising Conservative voice Antonia Okafor woke up today to find that YouTube has struck again.

This time, in YouTube’s non-stop efforts to harass and ban Conservatives, they demonetized Okafor’s entire channel which promotes second amendment protection and activism along with other Conservative topics.

Below you can see the message she received from YouTube:

Of course, for my fellow Conservatives this comes as nothing new, but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous and infuriating.

But what makes it so bad is that beyond Conservatives like Okafor herself, many small channels and new Conservative voices are silenced before they even have a chance to get out of the gate.

Somewhat luckily, Okafor has created a large enough platform for herself that news of YouTube targeting her channel was quickly picked up by outlets such as Breitbart as well as personalities like Dave Rubin. Because of this, it is very possible she will have some leverage to possibly get her channel unblocked, and YouTube will claim once again it was a “mistake” despite this only happening to Conservatives. But at least she has a chance to reverse this.

But for smaller channels or those voices just starting out, they will never be able to build a brand from scratch.

For every Okafor we hear about, there are thousands of new channels and voices that are being silenced that we never hear about. A young person starting a Conservative channel today on YouTube has very little chance of succeeding due to YouTube and Google’s policies.

Both the YouTube and Google algorithms, as well as Facebook, look at something called “inbound links” and referrals. This means the specific links that are pointing to the content and videos and where those links are coming from. Google classifies certain websites as Conservative, so any new channel getting most of its links and referrals from Conservative sites will instantly be deemed Conservative content by the algorithm and then segregated without any human intervention needed.

This automatically puts Conservative content at a disadvantage. Once identified by the Google algorithm, the reach of such content is limited, it is not shown or recommended and in the case of Twitter or Facebook it is outright shadow-banned so nobody can even see the content.

So while Okafor’s channel being demonetized is another sign of YouTube’s attempts at thought manipulation, don’t forget about the hundreds and even thousands of smaller voices they silence everyday. Voices that will never be able to grow and reach an audience.

Ultimately, what this does is create a drought in Conservative voices in the near future. With no new talent and voices like Okafor allowed to rise up and gain a following, Conservative voices will slowly fade away which is exactly what YouTube wants.

So although Okafor’s channel may be reinstated, don’t be fooled. YouTube’s real goal is to create a chilling effect, preventing new Conservative voices from even bothering to start new channels out of fear they will be banned or demonetized before they even get off the ground.

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