Are House Democrats really dumb enough to want Mueller to testify?

Tyler S. Farley

The Democrats are about to embarrass themselves even more than they already have if they demand that Robert Mueller testify before Congress.

This is so simple to explain that I can’t believe I’m even writing about, but it seems beyond the ability of TDS-suffering House Democrats to understand.

Robert Mueller just spent $30 million of taxpayer’s money and two years investigating a false allegation. He then wrote a comprehensive 300 page report on what he found (which was nothing). Do Democrats really think Mueller is so stupid that he will say anything above and beyond what is already in the report? If he does, he opens himself up to all kinds of accusations and attacks.

Even if Mueller had 300 pages more worth of content to discuss that wasn’t in the original report, he would never say it because it would just make him look incompetent and people would question why none of it was in the original report.

So Mueller will never speak another word about the report, for to do so would only damage himself.

It’s sort of like if you file a police report on an incident, and then when the cops talk to you a week later you add in all kinds of new information. Their first question will be why was none of this new information in the original report. And not only that, they probably won’t believe the original report now.

It’s very simple, you can’t really change your story or add to your story once you’ve filed a written version. To do so only brings everything you said before and in the future into question.

Mueller is smart enough to realize all this, so don’t expect him to say anything more that wasn’t in the report.

Like I said, this is so simple but for some reason it’s totally lost on the House Democrats. But hey, if they want to embarrass themselves even further over this whole Russia hoax, be my guest.

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