All this talk of Russian interference with our election but barely a peep from the FBI about what their plan is to fight it..That’s because they know it’s all fake.

Tyler S. Farley

Like weeds that were starting to wilt away and die until a brief rain shower gives them new life, Russian hoax truthers sprouted back up on cable news to pedal their completely debunked conspiracy theories.

What’s most comical about their 2 year long rant against Russians interfering with our Democracy is that the agencies in charge of stopping such interference have barely proposed any measures to prevent it.

Don’t you think if the FBI, the CIA, and those now-famous 17 intelligence agencies were so concerned with Russian interference that they would be forming task forces and asking for more money to fight it going forward?

Of course you would, but they are hardly doing that. Instead, they just keep attacking Trump and ignoring the problem they claim is a great threat to our very democracy.

But the reasons for this are clear and obvious to anyone. There is no real threat from Russia, it was all made up as an attack vector on Trump. A total fictional threat, that’s why there has been no real talk to fight it other than their attempt to impeach Trump.

For a perfect contrasting example, let’s take a look at the attacks of 9/11. After that attack, agencies involved in securing our country were busy coming up with a plan to prevent future attacks. Experts were consulted, budgets were increased, the military was mobilized, etc. These are all the normal things that happen after a real threat is recognized and needs to be neutralized.

Now on the other hand, the fake Russia hoax threat had none of this. It was all just an excuse to attack one person, the President. Nothing was mobilized, nothing was done to prevent it in the future. Mueller submitted a half-hearted indictment of 12 Russian nationals knowing they would never end up in an American court. It was all just more theater.

So there is one thing that all the Russian hoax truthers have to be asked – If they think Russian interference was such a threat to our democracy, why have they spent two years attacking Trump and not trying to prevent it from happening again?

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