If the media wanted to protect Biden, they wouldn’t even cover the story.

Tyler S. Farley

So why is the left-leaning media even covering the Joe Biden scandal?

The answer is simple, they don’t want him to start his campaign and start attracting those big Democratic donors.

Let’s be real. If the mainstream media wanted the Biden story to go away, they wouldn’t even cover it. The same way the media almost refuses to cover stories about Americans being murdered by illegal immigrants. If they want a story or a narrative to go away, they simply don’t cover it. This has been their M.O. for years.

Yet with the Biden case, they are giving it plenty of coverage. So while on the surface it may seem like they are trying to cover for Biden, the exact opposite is taking place. They’re promoting the story on purpose.

It’s all about big Democratic donors. Nobody currently controlling the Democratic party wants Biden to run for President except for Joe Biden himself. But Biden has 40 years of experience making contact with the biggest donors in the Democratic party. If he runs, he will cash in all those favors and start pulling in big money from the largest donors. The Democratic establishment doesn’t want that because donors don’t just pour out money to every candidate that is in the news. They usually pick one and that’s who gets their contribution. If that candidate falls out of the race, they generally don’t make any more large donations until the next election cycle.

So if Biden snagged a good sized portion of the big donors, that would leave less on the table for who I believe the Democratic establishment actually wants – Kamala Harris.

So don’t be fooled by the media’s tactics this week. They seem to be covering for Biden but in reality they are trying to bury his campaign before it even starts at the behest of the Democratic party. For if they really wanted to protect Biden, they wouldn’t even cover the story. The same way you almost never hear about crimes committed by illegal immigrants or stories about the economy doing well.

If the modern mainstream media is giving a story coverage, it means they want that narrative out there. There is no more “equal time” in modern mainstream media. When the media is silent on an issue or story, that’s when you know they are covering for someone.

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