The FBI, U.S. intelligence, the media, and big tech all knowingly conspired to create the largest American scandal in history.

Tyler S. Farley

Trump supporters have been rightfully celebrating since the release of AG Barr’s summary of the Mueller investigations stating that there was zero of evidence of Russian collusion. However, once the giddiness of being right starts to wear off, it will be replaced with anger when the scope of this giant hoax starts to become apparent to sober observers.

There is no doubt that when you fully understand the Russia collusion hoax, you will realize it’s without a doubt the largest and most far-reaching scandal in American history.

This was far more than a political scandal. America has had plenty of political scandals involving various politicians, ranging from Congressmen all the way to the President. But these were localized scandals, involving one department or agency, and only a few main players.

But when you stop and look back on the Russian hoax, it involved so many government agencies from the CIA, the FBI, the FISA courts, various other intelligence agencies, and the Justice Department. But beyond that, a majority of American media companies and outlets from CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and countless others all played a significant and and deliberate part in this hoax.

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But what makes the media so egregiously complicit is that they were not just simply unwitting participants. They played an active and vital role in pushing the narrative and even steering the narrative. At times, the press was also the sole party creating the narrative itself.

As Matt Taibi has written, over 50 “bombshell” reports were written by the mainstream media pushing and creating the Russian hoax narrative, and all of them were walked back by the publication or outright retracted. But there were hundreds more, Matt Taibi said he simply stopped keeping track at 50. So hundreds of stories by America’s leading media outlets published stories that are proven to have been totally false. The sheer number of these stories makes it impossible to believe it was anything other than deliberate.

But the list of perpetrators in this scandal doesn’t stop there. The world’s largest technology companies were involved as well. Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have all been shown to have manipulated their own platforms in order to promote anti-Trump rhetoric, most of it revolving around the Russia hoax. Not only that, they banned, shadow-banned, censored, and de-platformed anyone who dared question the official narrative around Russian collusion, a narrative now shown to be completely fake.

So here we have the most powerful agencies in government, a majority of media companies, and the most powerful tech companies in America all conspiring together to demonize, slander, and libel a duly elected President in an effort to oust him from office. With that in mind, there can be no doubt this is the biggest and most shameful scandal in American history.

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