The mainstream media always knew the Russia investigation was going to end like this.

Tyler S. Farley

Let’s be honest, the mainstream media knew all along that this was exactly how the Mueller investigation was going to end.

Despite the fact that there have been two straight years of wild Russia collusion conspiracies being peddled by the mainstream media, they knew all along there was never going to be any evidence of such a thing when the report came out.

So why did the media set themselves for such an obvious embarrassment? It’s because they couldn’t resist the allure of the ratings, the clicks, and their blind hatred for Trump caused them to believe the ends could justify the means.

For two years, the dying mainstream media was thrown a lifeline in the form of what many have called the “Trump Bump”. The world is obsessed with Trump one way or the other and mainstream media outlets found an easy way to get ratings which was by pushing the phony narrative that Trump was on the verge of being arrested, impeached, and sent to jail. On an almost daily basis they peddled a new “smoking gun” that they promised would be the end of Trump, but as we know, it was all fake.

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It was always a preposterous notion to claim Trump worked with Russia, and the media knew it. Going back almost two years, prominent CNN commentator and Trump hater Van Jones was caught on camera admitting the whole Russian collusion story was a “nothing-burger”. He later claimed he was taken out of context, but there is very little room for interpretation when you call a story you yourself peddle a “nothing-burger”. He knew it was fake, and so did the rest of the media. For years they knew it was fake.

This whole scandal is just now beginning to be unpacked. And when it’s all said and done, the fake Russian collusion investigation will be one of the biggest scandals in American history. The scope of the scandal is still not fully appreciated by most of Americans. The scandal and fake attacks spanned across all of American government and media conglomerates. In scope, it was the biggest political scandal in history by far.

Now make no mistake, the Mueller report will have one last gasp of life. I’m sure there is critical language in the report that was purposely included to be released among the redacted sections. The media will latch on to this inflammatory language, another last grasp at the collusion which has filled their pockets with ad views and clicks. But in the end, the media played themselves and now they have to live with it. They couldn’t resist the easy clicks and their TDS got the best of them. And now, the media’s reputation will be left in tatters for generations.

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