So much of modern far-left Progressive ideology is based on self-hatred.

Tyler S. Farley

There is an underlying attribute to much of the bizarre far-left ideology we are seeing today. Once you start to notice it, it explains a lot of the aggressive and inexplicable behavior we are seeing among the far-left.

It seems many aspects of modern far-left ideology are based on some variation of self-hatred. Whether it be to hate your own masculine traits, hate your feminine traits and instead want to be seen as having masculine traits, or hating your own race, culture, or upbringing, far-left ideology often boils down to self-hatred.

Much of this has already been known but it seems to be more apparent than ever in the last year among the vocal far-left taking over the Democratic party. Suddenly, far-left white Progressives are all too eager to proclaim on social media how much they hate their own “whiteness” and fellow white people. A clear sign of self-hatred for one’s own race.

Modern feminism, which is closely tied to the far-left movement shares the same problem. Today, suggesting a woman has certain traditional feminine traits or tendencies is immediately seen as disparaging, insulting, and misogynistic. This once again is clearly a form of self-hatred masquerading as “female empowerment”. Why would a woman be upset by hearing that she possesses traditionally feminine traits? It can only be because the far-left has convinced a certain segment of women that feminine traits are inferior. Or in other words, more self-hatred. Women are being taught by the far-left to hate their own feminine traits.

The idea of toxic masculinity is another example. Where men are being convinced by the far-left that their traditional masculine traits are damaging to children, women, and society as a whole. This is once again creating a form of self-hatred, where men are expected to be ashamed of who they are and how they act simply for being men. Furthermore, they are being convinced that they’re responsible for much of the evil in the world simply by association.

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Although we’ve definitely seen a push towards the far-left by Progressives in the last 2 years, all of this is simply a continuation of earlier Progressive ideology which featured much of the same self-hatred.

Progressive Americans feel that America is to blame for many of the world’s problems, and the only way for America to become “better” is to make it less American. They want to achieve this through open borders and bringing other non-western cultures into the country to make it less American. This is just another form of self-hatred and self-blame, perfectly manifested in Barack Obama’s well known “apology tour” where he toured the world and apologized for America being so bad.

Once you start to recognize all the self hatred among Progressives, you realize why those on the far-left appear so full of anger. When you hate yourself, you become destructive and hateful of others, and that’s exactly what we are seeing on the far-left. They want to destroy everything America has built and then rebuild it in an attempt to alleviate their own self-inflicted self-hatred. It’s a completely delusional mission and it’s one of the reasons those on the far-left appear to be so detached from reality and unhinged. It’s because they absolutely are detached from reality and trying to find relief from the self-hatred caused by their own out of control Progressive ideology.

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