Google hiding The_Donald from search results.

Tyler S. Farley

Looks like Google doesn’t like the popular sub-Reddit forum The_Donald.

A Google search using the phrase “reddit the_donald” doesn’t pull up a link to the actual sub-Reddit. Instead, the search produces pages and pages of negative articles relating The_Donald.

Below are the first few headlines from the first page of Google results for “reddit the_donald”.

Mother Jones: Anti-Muslim Hate Has Been Rampant on Reddit Since the New Zealand Shooting

Reddit r/againsthatesubreddits: A desperate plea to the admins of Reddit to shut down /r/The_Donald and the remainder havens for hate on this site.

Reddit R/Socilism: Let’s ban The_Donald. This is a call to action!!!

The Next Web: Reddit operates exactly as it was designed — and that’s a problem (Article claims that the_donald is worse than sub reddits that contain violent videos) Ban The_Donald from Reddit (an expired petition)

Note: Google results can change, but as of this publishing, the information above is correct.

And the actual sub-Reddit The_Donald is nowhere to be found on the first 5 pages.

What makes this interesting is that if you search for almost any other sub-Reddit this way, the sub-Reddit itself is the first result. For example, if you search for “reddit the mueller“, the sub-Reddit r/the_mueller is the first result. This is the same for virtually every sub-Reddit when searched for directly.

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So why would a sub-Reddit like the The_Donald not show up when searched for directly and instead only return negative articles? Obviously Google has tampered with its search results to make this happen.

A sub-Reddit as popular as the The_Donald,  which is approaching one-million subscribers with hundreds of thousands of inbound links would rank number one when searched for using its exact name. The only reason it would not be listed is if Google was hiding the result and instead wants to show negative information to those searching for the sub-Reddit.

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