All signs now pointing to the Mueller report being a dud.

Tyler S. Farley

Hopefully we are entering the final stages of the seemingly never-ending Mueller investigation. And while I don’t think the conclusion of the report will be the end of the Democratic-led investigations into Trump, I do think we are seeing evidence that the report itself will be a dud.

Just over a week ago, Nancy Pelosi made a rather interesting public announcement regarding Trump and impeachment. She wrote the idea off as if she already had heard rumors that the Mueller report was going to be a dud.

In a public statement, she said that Trump “isn’t worth it” when it comes to impeachment. If she had caught wind that there was a bombshell coming in the Mueller report she probably wouldn’t have been so dismissive about impeachment and would instead have said something along the lines of “let’s wait and see”.

But what she did was clearly an attempt ant minimizing and lowering expectations for those in the Democratic party who have hung their hopes on a Mueller bombshell.

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There is no doubt that someone as connected as Pelosi is in the Democratic party and Washington for over 30 years has made some very good connections. If she is out publicly lowering expectations, it means the report is a dud.

Next we have Cohen and Manafort. Both of their cases are finished up as they pertain to Trump. Manafort received a much lighter sentence than anticipated, although he faces more sentencing in unrelated matters.

Cohen, who was suppose to reveal bombshells during his Congressional testimony, instead revealed nothing but personal attacks on Trump with no evidence. Once again, a bombshell that turned out to be a dud.

Manafort and Cohen were set to be the cornerstone of Muellers leverage to get Trump on collusion. And now with both of them having completed their sentencing and testimony, it appears as though they gave Mueller very little or nothing at all to use against Trump.

Finally, Trump himself has come out today and stated that he wanted the Mueller report to be made public. Going so far as to call it ridiculous, although that has been his stance all along. But this latest move by Trump also suggests that his team and his lawyers now know the report will be mostly a dud. Rumors have been swirling that Trump and his team are so confident that they have already begun working on messaging and talking points to release once the failed Mueller report is released

There is no doubt the Mueller report will try to use inflammatory language to make it seem much worse than it really is. In the first day or so of its eventual release the mainstream media will try to frame it as a smoking gun. But like all of the claims against the President in the last two years, this one two will fade away and turn out to be yet more far-left fantasy.

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