Why Progressive globalists see Israel as an ideological enemy.

Tyler S. Farley

It seems as though the Democratic party suddenly has an issue with antisemitism.

Freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has been in hot water for her entire short tenure in Congress for her anti-Semitic statements in public and on social media.

But her comments are nothing new. For a few years, the Democratic party and their far-left Progressive members have been slowly turning against the state of Israel.

So why is this happening? Why have Progressives suddenly turned on a former ally? The answer is quite simple really, Progressives believe in open global borders and a destruction of local “oppressive” cultures, something the state of Isreael will never accept.

As we’ve already seen throughout Europe, the invasion of refugees via Progressive open border polices have wrecked havoc on European culture in a very short period of time. Governments in countries like France and Germany are facing a backlash from their citizens due to the flood of immigration into their countries and the deleterious effect it has had on their local culture and heritage.

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There is no doubt that Progressives have sided with the globalist agenda, and a big part of that agenda is open borders and mass migration. At the U.N. there have even been proposals to make migration a human right, which would make any country that doesn’t allow open border polices to possibly be violating human rights. Such proposals have so far failed, but they will no doubt keep trying.

All of this brings us to Israel. Because of the unique nature of Jewish history and what the Jewish people have faced, they are vehemently protective of their culture. Of course, this means very tight immigration policy.

By now you should start to see the connection between the sudden vitriol towards Israel by Progressives. They know that Israel and the Jewish people will never allow open borders and open migration into their land. And this is seen as a huge obstacle to the Progressive and globalist agenda.

But it’s more than just Tweets. Many Progressives support the boycotting of Israeli businesses via the BDS campaign as well.

So like Progressive always do when they have a disagreement with a particular group that might stand in the way of their far-left ideology, they simply demonize them.

Progressives have started to demonize Israel and the Jewish people. Progressive globalists see Israel as an ideological enemy. The attacks are starting with fringe characters like Ilhan Omar, but as we are seeing, mainstream Democrats like Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi are jumping on board to protect her. And by protecting her, they are tacitly endorsing her underlying beliefs and signaling that this is the direction the whole party is headed.

So don’t be fooled by this latest shift among Progressives against Israel. As always, they are trying to demonizing anyone who may stand in the way of their destructive globalist policies.

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