The toxic environment that has led to the Smollett case and the Covington case can be traced back directly to Clinton’s divisive 2016 campaign tactics.

Tyler S. Farley

One thing that we have to remember about the viral and racially charged events of the last month is that none of these things happened in isolation.

The Jussie Smollett hoax, the Convington kids incident, and even recently the Conservative student at U.C. Berkley who was apparently attacked for his political views, all point to the same thing.

None of these things happened in a vacuum. They all are the direct result of media forces pushing a false narrative of racial division and hatred for those who happen to be Trump supporters. And all of this can be traced back to the 2016 Presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s 2016 campaign wasn’t just unprecedented for the amount of money that was spent. It was also unprecedented for how the campaign, and through their mouthpieces in the media, painted the supporters of their opponent as evil.

Politics has always been a dirty business. All is fair in love and war (and possibly political campaigns). But the attacks have always been towards the candidates themselves, especially in national races.

But Clinton changed all that and the far-left controlled media was quick to amplify her divisive strategy. Clinton pushed the narrative that not only was Trump bad, she pushed the narrative that his supporters were just as bad, and often times worse.

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The media portrayed (and still do) Trump as someone who secretly communicates via “dog whistle” language to some of the worst elements in society. Clinton’s media allies suggested for over a year that Trump supporters are everything bad in the world, from Nazis to domestic terrorists.

And all of this wasn’t just a brief mention. This was a sustained campaign, a media blitz that lasted well over a year. When you demonize tens of millions of people in that way, a sizable number of people will feel justified to do whatever it takes to combat that “evil”, whether that be violence or staging false attacks.

The Clinton campaign and the DNC spent over a billion dollars, much of it pushing this exact message of hate towards Trump supporters.

When remembering the election of 2016, can anyone recall an actual part of Hillary’s platform and message that wasn’t about hatred towards Trump’s supporters? She stood for nothing, and all that money was spent on messaging that demonized Trump supporters.

As I’ve written before, this was one of the largest media campaigns in the history of the world and the effect was devastating to our culture.

For comparison, a summer Hollywood blockbuster such as the latest Marvel Studios movie will have a marketing budget of $150-$200 million. As I’m sure you are aware, it is almost impossible for any American to escape the advertising for these movies and the messaging. Even people who don’t go to the movies are at least aware of the upcoming release.

That’s how powerful a $150 million advertising campaign can be. Now imagine a $1 billion advertising campaign convincing Americans that 40 million of their fellow citizens are “deplorable” and “irredeemable” and guilty of believing in some of the worst ideology in history. Of course such a thing will have a devastating effect on the culture, and not only that, it will be a lasting effect.

And that’s what brings us to today. A media that portrays high school kids wearing red hats as “evil” and full of hate. Or the media believing that roaming gangs of Trump supporters wander the streets of Chicago with a noose looking for gay black victims to beat up.

It’s complete insanity and it’s corrosive to our culture, and all of it can be traced back to the unprecedented divisive Clinton campaign that attempted to paint 40 million Trump supporters and racist and homophobic.

The far-left has always played identity politics and the race card when they need to. But what we saw in 2016 was on such a larger scale, a national scale and fueled by $1 billion in spending.

Sadly, we are seeing the results of such a scorched earth strategy used by Clinton, the DNC, and their allies in the media. We now see a country divided over false narratives and a magnification of racial tensions that are not nearly as bad as they have been portrayed.

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