If you want to save the world, it may take more than 10 pages.

Tyler S. Farley

Today Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) released her much hyped Green New Deal and frankly, I’ve seen grade school book reports that had more thought and effort put into them.

At a total of 14 pages, more like 10 if you don’t count the cover, introduction and nearly empty last page, the Green New Deal is one of the most bare-bone and empty documents you will ever see.

Considering how complex the topic is, ranging from transportation, energy production, weather, climate, and even building codes – You would think anything looking to tackle all of things would be wildly comprehensive, requiring day and days to read and fully digest.

But that’s not the case here. The outline provides no methods for actually obtaining any of its lofty goals. And that’s what this is, it’s just a list of vague goals and no means to achieve them.

But not only that, it appears as though the sponsors behind the Green New Deal never bothered to consult any actual scientific authorities. I understand this was just resolution, but if you are asking America to totally change the way they live, you better provide some evidence. The whole document only references one paper which is The Special Report on Global Warming from 2018.

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Ocasio-Cortez often compares climate change to World War 2 and how we must attack it exactly the same way and with the same dedication of resources. But apparently Ocasio-Cortez missed history class. During World War 2 over 41% of GDP was going towards the war effort. Does she really believe that we should be devoting almost half of America’s total GDP towards her Green New Deal?

One must also ask why we should all accept a total revamping of almost every aspect of our lives for goals that haven’t even been vetted by scientists as effective. Or at least no vetting or confirmation was included in the outline presented by AOC.

I understand that AOC is new to all of this. Before being a Congresswoman, she was a bartender, so there may very well be a learning curve. So let me explain how these things usually work.

If you want to change the world with a new idea. If you want to change the world and how it works in a fundamental way, you have to produce something that is more than 10 pages.

Generally, someone will spend a years or more putting together a book on a subject like this. The book will provide an outline but then go in depth to explain each problem and why certain goals are required within a certain time-frame to fix those problems. Costs and benefits will be outlined and scientific points will have citations.

The book is then published and the author will then go on a book tour to sell his ideas. People can read and discuss the book and its ideas and we all can move on from there depending on the validity of what the author has written and how well it stands up to scrutiny.

But you see, AOC is either too lazy or unable to put in this type of work. Despite her claiming that climate change will destroy the Earth within 12 years, she can only muster a 10 page outline to solve the problem. Ocasio-Cortez wants America to mobilize the way it did for World War 2 but then she only bothers to put together a skeleton 10 page report to rally the troops.

In the end, what we are looking at here is a childish attempt at something serious. A poorly written and researched resolution that does nothing and offers nothing. Considering the vast range of topics it tries to cover, The Green New Deal outline is an intellectual embarrassment for everyone attached to it.

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