Bernie is about to be “berned” again by the Democratic establishment if he runs in 2020

Tyler S. Farley

As much as I disagree with Bernie Sanders on most everything, I think I’m about to almost feel a little sorry for the guy.

In 2016 Sanders got shafted – There is really no other way to put it. The entire DNC, led by Hillary Clinton and her installed cronies at the DNC conspired to undermine Sanders’ campaign at every turn.

This isn’t some conspiracy theory either. Instead it was proven in the leaked Wikileaks emails as well as other admissions from DNC staffers after the 2016 election was over.

Not only that, many close primaries between Hillary and Sanders were questioned for voting irregularities that led to Hillary Clinton victories in closed primary elections, ultimately giving Hillary the nomination.

Sanders himself bemoaned these voting irregularities during the 2016 campaign after millions of voters were purged right before the New York primary which was looking to be a huge victory for Sanders, but instead sealed his fate as another victim of Hillary Clinton. He was on a winning streak of primaries up until that point, and was gaining steam like nobody had predicted.

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The rigging of the 2016 primaries that shafted Sanders stopped being a theory and became fact when Donna Brazile and Elizabeth Warren both came out and admitted it was in fact true. This Washington Post article points out Brazile’s Op-Ed where she deconstructed how the rigging took place and then Warren’s public agreement with Brazile’s assessment.

None of this was lost on Sanders. He knew he got a raw deal and a fight with Hillary will always be an unfair fight. But he eventually fell back in line as an obedient Democrat. He bit his tongue and apparently has been waiting until 2020 to make another bid for the White House.

But that’s where things are going to get dicey again for poor Sanders and the results will probably have me feeling a bit sorry for him. Not only that, when it’s all over, he may actually be red-pilled enough to become a Republican after how bad Democrats have treated him.

Poor Bernie Sanders is going to get the shaft yet again. Not from Hillary, but instead from the current state of the far-left controlled Democratic party.

You see, all the way back in 2016 (I know, light years ago) the Democratic party hadn’t yet turned its full on assault on old white men into high gear. In fact, a guy like Bernie Sanders was actually considered sort of cute in a grandfatherly kind of way.

But oh my how things have changed. The current Democratic party, being controlled by the far-left elements within it have practically declared war on old white men like Sanders (and god forbid, he’s straight too!). Countless talking heads and pundits from Joy Behar to NYT Editor Sarah Jeong have all publicly stated how toxic old white men are and how they are the root of most of the world’s problems.

So do you really think that in the Democratic party’s current form that they will ever nominate an old white guy like Sanders? Of course they won’t. Bernie Sanders is going to get tossed out to the wolves.

Even worse, Sanders will have to watch as other candidates who stole his own socialist message leap-frog him and attack him.

If Bernie Sanders decides to run, he has no chance of winning. But once again, he has no real chance of a fair fight either. The Democratic party wants a woman or person of color in 2020, and Bernie just doesn’t fit the bill, so he’ll never get a fair shake on policy alone.

And just like in 2016, Bernie is going to feel the “Bern” alright, the burn of getting ripped off yet again by your own party.

But who knows? Maybe after being played for the fool in two consecutive elections, Bernie may just be fed up enough to join up with the Republicans. Or at least the Independents.

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