More bad news for Gillette – Why did they remove a scene with a misogynistic rapper from their viral commercial?

Tyler S. Farley

As if the story around Gillette and their advertising campaign debacle couldn’t get any worse, a YouTuber has found evidence they edited their now famous commercial in a way that is very suspect and probably needs a little explaining from Gillette.

YouTuber High Impact Flix found an earlier version of the commercial which appears to show a scene with a misogynistic rapper dancing with two strippers.

Below is the clip from a CBS affiliate station that played the video in the background and it shows a scene not in the official version. Watch carefully during the intro for a rap scene in the commercial.

This video clearly shows a scene depicting a pretty standard rap music video and a fictional rapper playing the role. He grabs the rear-ends of two women in bikinis as money falls from the sky.

All of that is pretty typical fare for an average rap video but one must ask, why exactly did Gillette decide to edit that scene out of the video after it went viral?

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Another question is how were they allowed to do it and keep the view count going. Does YouTube allow some users to swap out content and keep it a secret as long as they are paying enough money?

High Impact Flix has a full break down below of what he claims is sneaky editing on the part of Gillette.

Full credit to High Impact Flix for discovering the discrepancy.

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