TDS and Big Macs – How the media’s petty attacks on Trump only help to make him more relatable.

Tyler S. Farley

As you very well know by now, the Clemson Tigers college football team was invited to the White House for a dinner after winning the National Championship. But of course, with the government shutdown there were no chefs on duty. So Trump decided to order a huge amount of fast food in order to save the event.

Of course, the media was quick to jump on what they believed was a chance to embarrass Trump. But once again, in an attempt to shame Trump the media has failed miserably and played right into his hand.

I’ve always said that Trump Derangement Syndrome is actually rooted in someone’s desire to see themselves as an “intellectual” or part of the elite. In the intellectual world, there is a certain way of behaving and speaking and Trump often flouts many of these conventions, and that’s what drives wanna-be intellectuals crazy. Intellectuals or those that think they are can’t imagine how a guy like Trump, a guy who often speaks like a regular Joe, can be as successful and as cunning as he is.

But what they fail to see is that’s exactly at the core of his popularity. Because despite being a very successful billionaire and living in a tower he named after himself, at his foundation there is a pretty regular guy and that’s what won him the election. He’s relatable.

However, the elites in the media still don’t get this simple fact and they end up helping Trump more than hurting him without even realizing it.

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By mocking Trump for having Big Macs in the White House, it only strengthens his image as a man of the people while at the same time painting the media as elitists who may have never seen a Big Mac in person before.

Tens of millions of Americans (including myself) eat these same foods and probably have their entire life. By showing that Trump eats them as well and has no issue serving them helps to humanize him and make him more endearing to everyday Americans.

Trump knew exactly what he was doing when he ordered that food and made it public. He is savvy enough to know the media would latch onto it in an attempt to show him as a someone who doesn’t even understand “fancy” food. But the truth is Trump is still a billionaire and has been around the most opulent dinner options in the world for his entire life. So he knows that Big Macs aren’t normal for a White House dinner but that’s exactly what makes it such a great move.

This isn’t the first time the media has aided Trump in bolstering his image as a regular Joe without even realizing it.

Often times the media has tried to point out his weight as an issue. But how many Americans struggle with a few extra pounds around the mid-section as they get older? Probably a lot more than those that don’t. So once again, this “attack” on Trump only serves to make him more relatable. Or as the meme says, “he’s just like us”.

One of the most valuable attributes a President can have is making voters feel like they can relate to him. Hillary Clinton didn’t have this, and her public appearances were widely criticized as being stilted and phony. Voters simply couldn’t relate to her no matter how hard she tried to put on some fake act for whoever she was talking to at the moment.

So the media, in all their clueless elitist wisdom, end up giving Trump a free boost to his most important attribute by making him appear to be more relatable to the everyday American voter.

But as I wrote earlier, this is what drives the elitists and wanna-be intellectuals so crazy. They don’t understand how Trump can be so popular because in their mind, only a person with elitist qualities can be well liked as a leader. Only an Ivy League education and a professorial inflection can win over voters when in fact, the opposite is true.

So hopefully the media keeps up these sorts of petty attacks on Trump that help paint him as the relatable, everyday American that he is. Because if I remember my history, Americans don’t really like royalty.

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