With tech stocks down, maybe their CEOs will realize their job is to run a business, not lecture everyone about politics.

Tyler S. Farley

Despite being among the few companies that virtually every American uses everyday, the stocks of tech giants Google, Facebook, and Twitter are all down and have given back almost all of their 2018 gains.

It’s pretty shocking really when one considers the popularity and ubiquitousness of their products. It’s virtually impossible for an American over the age of 12 to not interact with at least one of these company’s products at least once a day. Yet here we are, watching these companies lose market value and customer trust in a very short period of time.

How did companies that are so popular and used so much get to the point where they are now losing value and under international government investigations?

The answer is simple. The CEOs and upper management forgot that their main responsibility is to run a company. Instead, the euphoria of all that data and all that power went straight to their heads and they decided to try to play god. Manipulating data, mining data, forcing people to only see what they wanted them to see in a misguided effort to mold the world as they see fit.

It’s clear from countless leaked documents, videos, and testimonials that management at these tech companies spent most of their time trying to push their social and political beliefs on an unsuspecting public and not actually trying to run a business.

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The truth is, a company like Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg simply got lucky. Their platform, which based on the countless lawsuits Facebook has settled probably wasn’t even built by Zuckerberg himself, just got popular and crazed consumers used it without question. At the time, Zuckerberg had no idea how to make money or even had a plan to. It was only after they realized how much data they were collecting that they decided advertising might be a way to turn a profit.

Social media then continued to take off, and it took many of these companies along for the ride. Their success was mostly good timing on their part, but the CEOs behind them are clearly not the forward thinking geniuses they are portrayed to be and I will explain why.

Companies like Facebook and Twitter and their respective CEOs are obviously obsessed with trying to convince the world to think like they do and share the same social and political values. It’s evident by the fact that almost every public interview Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey¬† gives, he talks about politics and how he wants to control people’s behavior on his platform. He almost never talks about business directly.

With that in mind, it means these CEOs want to control people’s thoughts and behavior. And they got lucky and actually ended up with the platforms and tools to do it. But they were so stupid, and so lacking in any subtlety that as soon as their platforms got popular, they were almost immediately exposed for their manipulative behavior.

Any savvy, intelligent person who had the power that these tech giants had could have milked them for decades. Subtly shifting public opinion without anyone knowing or being the wiser.

But these socially inept CEOs like Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg killed their own golden goose. They were so overt and tactless with their “mind control” data manipulation that people immediately caught on. It was so bad that Congress finally asked them all to testify and answer questions about their rampant bias.

Not only that, Facebook is facing a list of governmental investigations across the globe for its data practices.

So these so-called geniuses were given to the keys to a machine that could sway public opinion in a way never before dreamed of. A propaganda machine more popular and easier to control than television and print media combined. Yet they found a way to totally expose themselves in less than a year’s time. Now, virtually everyone knows the evil that lurks behind the algorithms of these companies.

But the evidence pointing to the absurd levels of stupidity possessed by these CEOs gets even worse.

Don’t you think if you were trying to subtly manipulate people’s opinions on a supposed “objective” social media platform that you owned you would keep your own personal political beliefs private?

Of course you would. Once you yell from the mountain top that you are in the tank for one party or another, people will instantly start to look for clues pointing to bias on your platform.

But these idiot CEOs did the exact opposite of what common sense would dictate. They made their political and social beliefs front and center when it came to their brand image. So when their platforms starting promoting these same beliefs, it was obvious there was manipulation going on.

Not only that, from a strictly business point of view, alienating half of the population because of political affiliation is never a good business model. If you walked into any boardroom and suggested you had an idea that would immediately infuriate half of your potential customers, you would be fired on the spot. But that’s exactly what these tech CEOs and management did. From a business point of view, it was beyond incompetent.

So in the end, maybe we should be thankful that guys like Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg are so incompetent. For if they were actually the geniuses they claim to be, we would have no idea of the manipulation and thought control that goes on behind closed doors.

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