The real loser last night was the fake news mainstream media – Despite 2 years of propaganda, Democrats succeeded far less than the historical average for midterms.

Tyler S. Farley

The midterms have now come and gone. Over now are months of hand wringing by both parties who simultaneously feared doomsday scenarios yet dreamed of sweeping victories.

Democrats were hoping for an air tight case against Trump with a sweeping blue wave but secretly feared a total loss like in 2016. Republicans feared that same blue wave but also had hopes that maybe Independents would come to their rescue and allow them to keep the House and the Senate.

In the end, it was nothing as spectacular as either side was looking for. Democrats were able to take control of the House, but not by the margin they were initially hoping. And Republicans added to their Senate majority and kept from getting “shellacked”, as Obama once famously said after his party’s losses during his presidency.

Speaking of Obama, during his first midterms as president he didn’t fare quite as well as Trump did. In Obama’s first midterm as president the Democrats lost both the House and the Senate and as I’m sure you remember, Obama cruised to an easy second term despite those losses.

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But that brings me to the main point of this article. For the last two years the mainstream media has constantly attacked Trump, they’ve attacked Republican politicians, and even attacked rank and file Republican voters with viscous, non-stop, fake negative attacks.

And not just political attacks. Prime time hosts on cable news networks often compared Trump and his supporters to Hitler or Nazis. MSNBC pundit Donny Deutsch even compared Trump voters to Nazi soldiers asking for papers during WW2.

But all that negative press – at times 91% negative according to a recent media watchdog study – and all Democrats could muster was a tepid win that was right in line with historical norms that show most incumbent presidents lose either the House or the Senate, and sometime both as Obama did.

In fact, in 21 midterm elections, the sitting president’s party loses 30 House seats on average and 4 Senate seats. In this regard, Republicans beat the historical average.

So despite the mainstream media’s non-stop propaganda campaign – and that’s exactly what it was, the effect may very well have been zero. As stated above, historically the sitting president will lose the House or Senate during a midterm. So it is very likely the outcome we saw yesterday would have happened anyway without the mainstream media’s propaganda efforts. And this proves that the mainstream legacy media is a dinosaur and is now virtually ineffective.

Even when they muster all their forces, their effect was no different than what would have probably happened anyway, at least according to history. Not only that, Democrats actually fared worse than historical averages.

So in other words, the mainstream media is dead. Despite their best coordinated efforts they had zero effect on the midterms and after two years of overt and blatant propaganda their dwindling credibility now lies is tatters.

Similarly we can compare this midterm with Obama’s in 2010 which I referenced earlier. Despite glowing coverage from not only U.S. mainstream media, but even international media, Obama managed to lose both the House and the Senate. Once again showing that the mainstream media has been losing their influence and it all started after 2008.

So while I won’t deny that these midterms were a mild victory for the Democrats, the real losers last night were those in the mainstream media. The spiraling decline of their influence is now clear for everyone to see.

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