The Big Question – Did attempted bombing suspect Cesar Sayoc have previous contact with the FBI like so many other domestic terror suspects.

Tyler S. Farley

Today, a suspect was named in the rash of attempted mail bombings over the last few days. The suspect’s name is Cesar Sayoc, a resident of Florida and a man with a criminal history.

Now, before I begin I want to stress that it is completely possible this crazed man acted on his own and there is really no other story to tell here. But sadly, we live in a time where the reputation of the FBI is so compromised and tarnished, that we must take everything they report with a grain of salt.

The FBI has a long history of having contact with terrorists and domestic terrorists before any attack takes place. For example, the Pulse Nightclub shooter in Miami and the Boston bomber both had extensive contact with the FBI in the years before they carried out their attacks. In the Pulse Nightclub shooting, the shooter’s father was even a paid FBI informant.

On top of that, the FBI also has a history of grooming unstable and mentally challenged individuals to engage in criminal activity so they can be entrapped and arrested.

A recent case in Oklahoma is a good example. The FBI learned of the deranged thoughts of Jerry Drake Varnell, a schizophrenic who had been hospitalized 6 times since his teenage years. Instead of the FBI alerting local mental health officials, they sent in an FBI informant to encourage Varnell over several months to carry out a planned bombing. Ultimately the FBI supplied him with a van containing a fake bomb and gave him a cell phone they said was the detonator. When Varnell used the cell phone to detonate the fake bomb, he was arrested and charged with terrorism.

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The FBI was well aware that Varnell was a diagnosed schizophrenic who had previous delusions where he thought he was Jesus, or being chased by trolls. These delusions were so bad he had to be hospitalized. But the FBI spent months encouraging him into a terrorist bomb plot. So as you can see, the FBI has no issues exploiting the mentally ill to perform false terrorists attacks.

So now we look at Cesar Sayoc. A look at his social media posts and other history show ample evidence of a man who is either mentally challenged or mentally ill. His Twitter rants are filled with near-constant grammatical errors and lack any cohesion. So in other words, the ramblings of a mentally ill person.

One of Sayoc’s Tweets

So with all of this in mind, we must ask if Sayoc had any contact with the FBI or FBI paid informants in the past. Of course it may take some time for this information to come out. But if he did have contact with the FBI, it taints this whole investigation and narrative. Instead of stopping this person, did the FBI encourage him as they have done so many times in the past?

Next, we have the bombs themselves and their delivery which has yet to be explained. Officials have said some of the bombs were hand delivered or delivered by courier. Sayoc lives in Florida, but two of the hand delivered bombs were in New York. Did Sayoc drive through the ultra-exclusive New York neighborhood of George Soros in his “Trump-mobile” delivering bombs without being noticed? It would seem that such high a profile vehicle would not be used to covertly deliver bombs.

Sayoc’s Van

Sadly, if Sayoc did have contact with the FBI it probably won’t be released for several months, well after the midterms. But as I wrote at the beginning of this article, the FBI’s bias and past efforts to entrap the mentally ill makes it necessary to question their story until all the details are released.

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