The underlying reason behind the Elizabeth Warren fiasco – Affirmative action style policies have outlived their usefulness and need to be ended.

Tyler S. Farley

As I’m sure you have heard, Elizabeth Warren released the results of a DNA test she took to prove that she is indeed Native American. However, the results were hardly conclusive in her favor and most reasonable observers will find her claims to be dubious at best with a total amount of her DNA that may be Native American to be as low as 1/1024.

But this illuminates a larger issue, and that is the fact that many American institutions are still incentivizing people to claim certain racial and ethnic status in order to receive additional benefits in a variety of forms.

These affirmative action based polices have lived well beyond their usefulness and are now no longer needed or relevant. Not only that, they are leading to people gaming the system, such as Warren did which exposes the programs as the frauds that they are.

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But not only are these outdated affirmative action polices incentivizing certain groups, they are punishing others in a bizarre perversion of what they were originally meant to do.

Currently, there is a lawsuit that is going to trial now which names Harvard University as a defendant. In the lawsuit, a group of Asian Americans claim that because of their race and their success in academics, Harvard and other universities actually make it harder for Asians to be accepted. In other words, Harvard raises the standards for Asians while lowering the standards for other races and groups.

So as you can see, a policy meant to level the playing field has ended up doing the exact opposite. It may seem surprising but it’s exactly what happens when you interfere with a system that should be based on meritocracy and instead injects identity politics into the equation. The end result is always a bizarre perversion of the original goal.

However, Progressives love these affirmative action polices because they are in line with the modern progressive elite ideology of cultural Marxism where punishment must be dealt out to deal with the wrongs of the past. Even if those wrongs have nothing to do with the people living today, a price must be paid to make things “even” in the eyes of Progressives. It’s a very dangerous ideology and one that goes against virtually all American values and the values of most free countries. People of the current generation are not held responsible for the wrongs of their ancestors or previous generations.

Elizabeth Warren probably harmed her image more than helped it by claiming to be Native American and then undergoing a test that shows she is by only by the slimmest of margins. However, we shouldn’t lose sight of the underlying story which is actually much larger, and that is the fact that affirmative action programs have outlived their usefulness and need to be changed.

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