The Kanye meeting shows that Progressives are only “outraged” when their stranglehold on a traditionally Democratic demographic is threatened.

Tyler S. Farley

Once again Kanye West has tricked Progressives into showing their true colors. After months of Tweets and other declarations of support for Trump, it all culminated yesterday in a lunchtime meeting between Kanye and Trump himself.

Of course, the Progressive plantation bosses went into overdrive attacking Kanye for daring to think for himself. And their obsessive attacks on everything about Kanye from his education, to his reading skills, to his mental health prove that Progressive outrage and anger is all fake. Progressives are only outraged when their stranglehold on a traditionally Democratic voting demographic is threatened.

A huge fear the Democrats have is losing the faith of black voters. A small percentage of black voters moving to the Republican party could spell doom for the Democrats for decades to come. And this is exactly the reason they are falling over themselves in an attempt to demonize West and portray him as a fool and mentally unstable.

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This is exactly the same scenario behind the Progressive’s faux outrage over the treatment of illegal immigrants. They don’t really care how immigrants are treated, but new immigrants often vote for Democrats, so immigrants are a huge voting demographic for the Democrats and one that they can increase very easily by simply easing immigration policies.

This is why they show outrage over immigration policies, because once again it threatens their hold on a voting demographic if immigration enforcement is tightened.

It’s the same with the Democrats recent outrage over Justice Brett Kavanaugh. They claimed to care about sexual abuse, but in reality they simply care that the court will have a conservative on the bench instead of an activist liberal judge. If they cared about women’s abuse accusations, they would look in the mirror and see many high profile Democrats who have been accused of abuse, and accused with real evidence and police reports. But Democrats ignore these accusations and instead feign outrage over Brett Kavanaugh.

Progressives are only outraged when their power is threatened. It’s an old tactic and one they have overplayed since Trump took office. They take a policy issue and divide it into two sides, one side being moral, and other being immoral. Of course, they take the moral side and then feign outrage over anyone who dares take the side they deemed as immoral. But looking a little deeper into each issue shows a common root cause for their outrage, and that’s a threat to their power.

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