The key to stopping these tech giants and their censorship is whistleblowers leaking internal documents. More must be done to encourage those within these companies to do the right thing.

Tyler S. Farley

Another day and another leaked piece of information that proves tech giants like Google and Facebook are power-crazed and hell bent on controlling everyone’s thoughts and opinion through their platforms.

The most recent example is from Google. A leaked document first shown by Breitbart reveals an internal presentation in which Google refers to itself as “The Good Censor”.

In the leaked document, Google admits that it is no longer interested in trying to facilitate an open forum discussion and instead must take direct action to trick people into behaving how the Google corporation wants them to behave.

The documents reveal several ways that Google plans to manipulate thinking and behavior through censorship and the control of information.

For most of us, this is nothing new and only confirms what we already believed, although some of us probably had no idea Google talked about this sort of thing so openly at the company. Most people probably thought such plans were only discussed by the top executives, but instead it seems to be shared widely among the Google rank and file.

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And this is what brings me to my point. A fair minded and concerned Google employee leaked this document. And it is documents like this getting out into the public that will end up damaging Google and causing their users to wake up and realize how evil of a company they really are.

This latest document leak comes on the heels of another leak in which an internal video shows top Google executives lamenting the election of Donald Trump and then explaining to the employees present that they will use the power of Google to hopefully stamp out Trump and his populist movement.

Before that, there was another leak which showed an internal Google presentation which referred to the “Selfish Ledger”. This was an algorithm dreamed up by Google engineers that was programmed to always be seeking out new information on users. Even going so far as to use artificial intelligence as a way to obtain information it doesn’t already have. For example, if Google didn’t know your marital status, it would point you to websites and products that would cause you to reveal that information unknowingly, therefore allowing Google to capture it and add it to its real-time database of knowledge on you.

The problem with all of this is that government regulation is probably not the best course of action to reign in a company like Google, especially for those with libertarian or conservative leanings who are generally against bigger government.

So instead, internal whistleblowers among the rank and file of these tech giants are our best weapon to slow down and stop their power-hungry march towards total information control.

Obviously, many of these companies hire only those with similar political leanings as their own, which is another problem. However, there are plenty of people working at these companies who are not happy with what they are seeing and what they are being forced to be a part of. It is these people who must come forward with documents and information as others have to expose what these tech giants like Google are truly doing behind the scenes.

Not only this, we must create an environment where these whistleblowers are protected, and their information disseminated and not swept under the rug by the mainstream media. When one of these leaks come out as it did with the recent Google “Good Censor” leak, we must share the story the same way we would share any other story or meme. The whistleblowers inside Google who are contemplating leaking a document must know that their efforts will not be in vain, and that anything they leak will be shared and spread as much as possible on all platforms.

So ultimately, as it usually is, it will be individuals who help us bring these tech giants under control. Whistleblowers will continue to share information, and it is our duty to make the most of what those whistleblowers do by sharing the stories and information as much as we can to maximize the efforts by those within these companies looking to expose their wrongdoing.

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