Reaction to the video of Portland Antifa members forcing traffic is just more proof that the Progressive hysteria campaign has failed and backfired.

Tyler S. Farley

A video posted yesterday shows Antifa members in Portland taking it upon themselves to direct traffic for no apparent reason, and then to verbally assault anyone who dared question their authority.

Later, the man who took the video was featured on Tucker Carlson Tonight where he explained what he feels is going on in his city.

But what was really interesting about this was the reaction to it by Democrats and I think it is just more proof that the progressive mainstream media’s hysteria machine has failed and is now backfiring.

If one visited the Reddit forum r/portland after this video came out, a forum which is mainly locals of Portland, an overwhelming majority of the responses to the video were negative. Many called for the Mayor of the city to step in and regain control, while others demanded the police be taken to task for allowing thugs to take control of the streets.

Eventually the thread was locked as the story went viral, but the early and negative response to Antifa’s action was virtually all from local Portland residents. Residents who are most likely left leaning Democrats. So even among the left leaning residents of one of the most liberal cities in America, the progressive hysteria machine is backfiring.

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This is similar to another incidence I chronicled here in which a Portland public transit driver posted a small MAGA sign in his train window. A user on Twitter complained about the public support for Trump and the city of Portland vowed to look into it. Yet, in the local paper’s website comment section, most people found the complaint to be just another example of Trump Derangement Syndrome. The local paper is not being manipulated by bots, so the comments were all from local Portland residents, and they all felt the actions of the “blue checkmark” Twitter user who complained to be ridiculous.

Even on the highly manipulated front page of Reddit we are seeing the results of progressives moving way too far to the left. Topics that are forced to the front page for political effect are now filled with comments disagreeing with the forced message. This is something that wasn’t happening a few months ago.

For example, a recent thread on the Reddit forum “TwoXChromosomes” asked why Judge Kavanaugh gets to “celebrate” while Dr. Ford, his accuser can’t even return home.

The thread rocketed to the front page, obviously trying to set a narrative, however the comment section was even handed. Many readers claiming that Ford simply had no evidence and the accusations seemed politically motivated. This was another example of people starting to break out of the manipulation by sites like Reddit and others. Just a few months ago, a post like that would be filled with 90% of comments agreeing with the narrative, but now it is 50% or less. And all of this is with the moderators blocking many users from even commenting on that specific forum.

As I’ve written about many times on this blog, the Democrats have severely overplayed their hand and even their own rank and file members are starting to resist the manipulation and hysteria. And if rank and file Democrats are finding their own narrative hard to swallow, imagine what independents are thinking leading up the midterms?

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