From tech CEOs to Cory Booker, Democrats have been overplaying their hand and they have finally gone too far.

Tyler S. Farley

I have been writing on this blog for a while now that I believe the Democrats and their supporters have been overplaying their hand for some time.

But now it seems that its finally starting to come back to harm them and I believe we will see this in the midterm results.

With the circus surrounding the Kavanaugh hearings and the way the Democrats have handled it, independents are not being brought under their Democratic tent.

Let’s be honest, politics are very polarizing at the moment. Most everyone has chosen their side. What this means is that there is very little benefit for Democrats to try to pick off Republicans and win them over to their side. It’s a lot of effort for very little benefit.

A much better approach for Democrats (or Republicans for that matter) is to go after independents or those who are only casual political observers. These are the people who are going to make the difference in close races.

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However, independents are by definition middle of the road people, they don’t want radical positions or extreme ideologies, and that’s exactly what Democrats are showing them. Democrats have termed themselves the “resistance”, which is a term I know does not resonate with independents. Independents want middle ground policy, and a party saying they believe in resistance over process is not a party that will appeal to independents.

Not only that, independents are not going to be won over by the theatrics of the left during the Kavanaugh hearings. Having a sleazy lawyer as your key figure in opposing Kavanaugh is not going to attract those looking for sane and common sense governance, which is what independents want.

Having a lawyer running around making wild claims with no evidence is not something that appeals to any demographic. In general, very few people like lawyers, and they definitely don’t like lawyers running around making themselves famous on the backs of women that the same lawyer is claiming are “victims”. It’s a bad look and for some reason Democrats have chosen it as their de facto logo.

In the end, the constant overplaying and extreme views of the Democrats have finally started to add up to push independents away, and I believe it has culminated with the Kavanaugh hearings on Thursday. It was obvious that Democrats used Dr. Ford and went against her own wishes where she claimed to want to remain anonymous. Senator Feinstein obviously leaked her information about Ford, a claim she denies but she was the only one in possession of the information. There was nobody else who could have leaked it which proves she did not have Ford’s interest at heart.

As I’ve said before on this blog, I think the midterm polling is similar to the polling in 2016. Conservative sentiment and pro-Trump sentiment is underrepresented. And as with most close elections, the independents in the middle will be a huge factor, and as for now, the Democrats are pushing them away as fast they can.

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