You can trust Google to be fair. They only censor results in China… gain favor with a communist regime…..which censors political dissidents and information. Oh wait……

Tyler S. Farley

Donald Trump turned his attention towards Google recently, accusing them of rigging their search results so that most searches about the President bring up left leaning news sites, and therefore negative stories about him. For any honest observer, this has been known for quite some time, but it was a relief to see the President take these companies to task.

Of course, later that same day, the top story on Google News was an article claiming how they don’t rig the results for political reasons. I’m sure it was just a coincidence that an article absolving Google of any wrongdoing was their top promoted story after being attacked by the President.

Of course, let’s not forget the over 400 meetings that top Google executives and engineers had at the White House during Obama’s Presidency. Or Google’s then CEO Eric Schmidt’s nearly full time occupation as Hillary Clinton’s Chief Information Officer for her 2016 campaign where he offered any and all of Google’s top engineers to work on her campaign. Schmidt even started several side businesses which were hired by the Clinton campaign to handle data mining and collection.

For a busy CEO, Schmidt sure did have lot of free time to do all this work for the Clinton campaign just as a “favor”.

But that’s not really the point. The point is that Google is more than happy to censor and change search results. A New York Times article cites multiple sources that Google is in fact building a new search engine for China that censors out anything the Chinese government doesn’t want their people to see.

No only that, the NYT report shows that the censorship was so bad, a few people working on the project threatened to quit or wanted to be transferred to other projects because they found what they were doing to be too distasteful and morally offensive.

From the article:

Amnesty International said it would be a “dark day for internet freedom” and would constitute “a gross attack on freedom of information and internet freedom” if the tech giant [Google] accepted China’s censorship terms.

So we can see that the top management at Google is happy to censor and shape its search results for political reasons and force its employees to do the same. And in this case, just to gain favor with a communist regime. A communist regime with a history of terrible human rights violations. And they do all this just so they can make more money and grow more powerful in their out of control quest for total data collection and information manipulation.

You see, Google’s slogan was “don’t be evil” but as we now know they have thrown that idea completely out the window. Jumping into bed with a human-rights-violating communist regime is exactly the definition of being evil. A regime that regularly jails and kills political dissidents without a trial. Google’s Chinese search engine would make them complicit in all of that. It would serve to keep an entire population down and misinformed. Billions of people would be tricked by Google and the Chinese government.

Based on this, I doubt there is anything Google wouldn’t do in their quest for more control of the world’s information and to manipulate the thoughts and minds of its unsuspecting users.

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