Last week there was much speculation as to what Mueller had up his sleeve. But Trump may have few surprises in store as well.

Tyler S. Farley

Last week was full of news about Mueller’s latest tactics and what they may show us as to where he plans on taking his “Russia” investigation. Pundits on the left were quick to say that Mueller must have plenty up his sleeve that he has yet to reveal. And while I have no doubt Mueller has a few surprises left. Mainly going after Trump’s friends and family on  things that are totally unrelated to the fake Russian collusion story. But what I haven’t heard many people discussing is what Trump may have up his sleeve as well.

When it comes to understanding Trump and how he operates, there are a few things he does over and over again which gives us a glimpse into his usual strategy which I believe is at play right now.

One thing we have learned, is that when Trump calls someone out on Twitter, it means he most likely has the dirt on them, or he knows how the story that eventually will come out. A perfect example of this is when he Tweeted about the phones in Trump tower being “tapped”. He was roundly criticized by the media, with pundits saying there was no way this could be true, or even possible. But Trump already had the evidence. He either asked for it, or it was fed to him by those in the intelligence or law enforcement community who are sympathetic to him. The FBI was forced to admit that his campaign was indeed spied on, but they gave the comical excuse that it was to “protect” Trump, and not to spy on his campaign.

This was a perfect example of why Trump always seems to win in the end. If he picks a fight, it’s because he already has the goods.

Even with personal feuds, when he calls someone out, he always has the dirt on them. This year, former New York Attorney General and vocal anti-Trumper Eric Schneiderman had to step down in disgrace after shocking allegations of sexual abuse and racism in his past were revealed. But only then did a previous Tweet show that Trump already knew.

I could go on, but you get the idea and I’m sure you can recall a few of your favorite Trump “call outs” where he was proven right. And like I wrote earlier, he is proven right because he already has the goods before he takes to Twitter to call people out on specific things.


So this brings us to the current situation and why I believe Trump has a few aces up his sleeve that he has yet to reveal.

Recently Trump has really turned up the heat on Jeff Sessions to investigate, or if nothing else, release the totally unredacted files relating to Hillary Clinton’s email server as well as the Steel dossier and its true origins. But he is especially focusing on Bruce Ohr and his wife, Nellie. Calling them out specifically in Tweets for breaking the law.

This makes me think that Trump already has evidence on most of the players in the fake Steel dossier fiasco and he seems to think that Bruce Ohr is the one he can expose the easiest. Ohr’s wife Nellie worked for Fusion GPS and newly released emails show that Ohr and Steel communicated about how they were worried they were all about to get exposed.

So based on Trump’s pretty extensive past history of only calling people out on Twitter over specific acts when he has evidence on them, it leads me to believe that Trump is confident on what he has seen in the unredacted files. It’s also very possible he has other intelligence that is not in those files, intelligence and evidence that is even more damaging to his enemies.

We also know that Trump often plays the long game. He may have the information, but he’ll wait for the best time to deploy it to cause the most damage.

So while I have no doubt that Mueller will continue his pattern of tricks and schemes to smear Trump leading up to the midterms, I also believe Trump has a few surprises lined up as well.

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