Mueller may be just getting started with his abuse of power. His next move will be to target Trump’s family.

Tyler S. Farley

Its become obvious to any reasonable observer the Mueller investigation into “Russian collusion” is not that about collusion at all. Instead, it is a scorched earth style attack on anyone related to Trump or anyone who has even been friends with Trump. Now, David Pecker, a long time friend of Trump is under attack from Mueller. David Pecker clearly has no relation to any Russian collusion, but he is a long time friend of Trump, so he’s going to be “tortured” by Mueller and his team until he gives something up, even if it’s not true.

They are also going after Trump’s business associates. Trump’s long time money manager, Allen Weisselberg, who first worked for Trump’s father is now in the cross-hairs of Mueller. Once again, he will be raked over the coals until he talks.

But sadly, this is most likely only the beginning of Mueller’s attack on anyone even remotely involved with Trump. Phase 2 of Mueller’s attacks will likely focus on Trump’s family itself. His sons and his daughter Ivanka will be investigated for all of their past business dealings going back decades. The goal of which will be to put an almost unbearable amount of pressure on Trump and leaving him with fewer and fewer options.

As we have already seen with Manafort, that Mueller will go after Trump associates on minor paperwork filing violations from years ago and try to turn it into a life sentence in prison. A total abuse of the system by any measure, but something Mueller is more than happy to do.

I don’t doubt for a second that he plans on using these same tactics on Trump’s sons and daughter. It’s disgusting, but it’s Mueller’s obvious next move. Prosecutors are often more concerned with a big score, not pursuing the truth, and that’s exactly what Mueller is doing.

Former lawyer for Nixon Vice President Spiro Agnew, Martin London was recently on MSNBC, possibly telegraphing Mueller’s intentions that Mueller will start going after the family.

“If he has any interest at all in not only saving his skin, but the skin of his child, his children, his son-in-law, his grandchildren, his daughter — this is a time when he’s got to seriously think about that,” London said.

Of course, Trump could pardon his family members. But Mueller knows that would be a bad look politically. A President pardoning his family members is unprecedented, and the appearance of it would be used to pushed the narrative that Trump is acting like a dictator, despite the fact that he’s the real victim of an out of control, power hungry an corrupt government.

If this is indeed going to be Mueller’s next move, there are two solutions and they go hand in hand.

First is the midterms in November. If the Democrats take the house, there will be impeachment proceedings. This most likely won’t go past the Senate, but still it will impede Trump’s progress and cause some damage before 2020. So defending the House and the Senate is of critical importance.

But next, and an even more important is that an investigation MUST be launched into the Steel dossier, Bruce Ohr, and the way this totally fake document was used to start the investigation into Trump and the phony Russian collusion narrative. There is plenty of evidence already out in the public that clearly warrants an investigation, but so far nothing has been started. This is mostly the fault of Jeff Sessions.

If Jeff Sessions does not start an investigation into the rigged witch hunt against Trump, he must be fired and someone put in place who will.

Fire needs to be fought with fire. The real reasons behind this rigged witch hunt must be brought to light for Trump to be able to endure Meuller’s coming attacks on his business associates and then his family.

Trump even implored Jeff Sessions in a recent Tweet, practically begging him to finally do the right thing.

Time is running out on this as investigations take time. If Sessions doesn’t take action soon, it could leave Trump vulnerable to whatever corrupt tactics Mueller decides to implement next.

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