Elon Musk Tweets, LSD, and a self-confessed witch all make for a bizarre turn of events that could kill Tesla.

As we see the public meltdown of Elon Musk continue, one must wonder if it’s all of his own doing or are people in his life slowly turning Musk into a public joke.

Just for a quick recap of the key events in Elon’s strange summer, Musk’s meltdown started in full force during a conference call with stock holders earlier this year when he called the questions “dry” and boring before abruptly ending the conference call and moving to a live-stream on YouTube instead. Conference calls with shareholders and analysts are a regular occurrence in the business world and CEOs often have to field tough questions. So the questions were nothing new, but Musk’s reactions was.

Then we had the bizarre case in which Musk called the leader of rescue mission to save the 13 boys trapped in a Thailand cave a pedophile. A claim he later retracted and apologized for.

Now, most recently, Musk Tweeted that he intends to take Tesla private and that he had the “funding secured”. This is important because to make such a claim will obviously cause a company’s stock to rise, as going private means shares of that company need to be bought for more than market value. But the problem is, he didn’t have the funding secured, and now the SEC is investigating his Tweets. Also important to note at this point is that Tesla is the most shorted stock on the market at this point. When a stock is shorted, it means those holding the short position will turn a profit when Tesla’s stock falls. If it goes up, as after Musk’s Tweets, they stand to lose money.

The short sellers have a lot to gain by Musk melting down. Gains to the tune of billions and billions of dollars.

Now here is where things get interesting. Musk started dating pop musician Grimes (Claire Elise Boucher) in May of this year, about the time of his accelerating meltdown going into full gear. The conference call incident was almost exactly the time they first started dating, around May of this year.

Now this could just be the case of an older, wealthy man who gets involved with a younger woman, and he ends up taking the relationship far to serious which causes jealousy and other emotional issues which cause his professional life to take a toll. This is actually a pretty common thing, so it’s very likely that Musk, a long time “nerd”, got caught up in relationship he was ill equipped to handle. But perhaps Grimes and those around her were aware of this and looked to gain by it?

But now, it gets even weirder when we look at the circumstances regarding Musk’s most recent, and most likely the most damning Tweet of his summer long meltdown.

Rapper Azealia Banks took to social media to claim that she was with Musk during the Tweet and the subsequent aftermath. In a series of posts, she claimed that being with Musk was like a real life version of the movie Get Out. She also claimed that Musk made the Tweet while on acid (LSD), among other insults to Musk’s appearance and behavior.

At first Musk denied that he had ever met or even knew Azealia Banks. However, later he did admit that Banks came to his house in the predawn hours before the fateful Tweet. But Musk claims he only saw her for a moment, and from 30 feet away. The story was that Banks was there to work on music with Grimes. A story which seems odd as collaborating on music in the predawn hours at the house of Elon Musk sounds a little strange.

Azealia Banks, who is friends with Grimes, has a rather colorful history. She is an admitted occultist who claimed to have spent years sacrificing chickens in her own home while practicing witchcraft ceremonies. She even shared pictures and a video of the closet where the rituals took place in which the walls are covered in blood splatter and feathers. And all of this was in her own home. She claimed in the now deleted Instagram video that all of this resulted from years of practicing “brujeria”, which is the Spanish language word for witchcraft.

Azealia’s animal sacrifice closet.



So this is when we need to look at the company Elon Musk has been keeping and how it seems to correlate with his deteriorating public behavior.

Is he being manipulated by Grimes and the admitted witch Azealia Banks? Is he simply involved with a girl almost half his age and that alone has caused him act erratically? Has he been given what he thinks is acid but is actually some other kind of drug, similar to MK Ultra experiments which have been used to control people’s behavior?

The fact that Grimes is friends with someone like Azealia Banks is telling as well. Banks has a long history of making racial accusations, most of which never have any documented proof of actually happening. She once accused Russel Crowe of calling her the N-word and physically throwing her out of a party. And why would Banks and Grimes be collaborating on music in the predawn hours at Elon Musk’s house? The fact that Grimes would bring Banks over to Musk’s house given her past history with accusing famous people of racism seems odd and one which shows she probably never had Musk’s best interests in mind, or possibly worse.

Azealia Banks’ ties to witchcraft, along with the fact that she was actually at Elon’s house, and that Musk was under the influence of an LSD type of drug begs many questions to be asked.

However, one thing is for sure. Billions of dollars are at stake if Musk turns into a public disaster. Not only that, the legacy energy companies and transportation companies have a lot to gain by making sure Musk, who is the poster boy for electric cars, goes down in an embarrassing flame out. Already, the fallout from Musk’s encounter with Banks and his Tweet have netted short sellers over $1 billion in profits.

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