The story of how Hollywood ended up destroying itself is just so…..Hollywood

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Oh, Hollywood. You had it all. The money, the fame, and a free ticket to all the debauchery and bad behavior you could handle. Yes, that last part may seem strange today as Hollywood is held to the standards of a priest, but not that long ago, nobody really even cared what Hollywood did behind closed doors.

Yes, Hollywood had it all, but it just wasn’t enough and they wanted just a little more, and this ended up being their undoing. It’s a story that’s just so perfectly Hollywood.

For decades, Hollywood has had a get out of jail free card for bad behavior. The casting couch was always known to be a real thing well before the #metoo movement. But the public gave them a pass because, well, it was Hollywood. The same way we give rockstars a free pass for womanizing and drug use. We just shrug and say they’re rockstars, what do you expect them to do?

But then Hollywood got greedy. They were always smug, self-indulgent and self-important while giving their award speeches, but nobody really cared. We all let it slide.

They’re divas, that’s just how divas act. No big deal.

But then they went to far, they made the same mistake as most progressives as they wanted to now not only be self-important, but the arbiters of morality as well. Hollywood wanted to now stand at the podium, receive their award for dressing up like someone else, then wag their finger at the rest of America for being so immoral. It’s the trap most progressives have fallen into as of late. They take a debate and claim their side is the moral one, and any opposing view therefore must be immoral.

And this is what led to their current state of downfall as they eat their own and are exposed for all their debauchery. Nobody cared when they filled their speeches with calls to save the whales or fight pollution. Those are all noble pursuits, even if we knew the Hollywood elite didn’t really care about any of them. But now they were wagging their finger in our direction and calling us immoral. And suddenly the collective public did a double take. You, the Hollywood that invented the casting couch and glorify just about every type of violence and degeneracy imaginable are now calling us immoral. How dare you! But sadly for them, the hypocrisy was lost on the Hollywood elite and they doubled down after their sworn enemy Donald Trump was elected president. They doubled down on the finger wagging and browbeating, telling half of America that they were the equivalent of Nazis, and racist, and so lacking in empathy that they even want children to die if they happen to oppose open borders.

But you see, if you want to be the arbiter of morality, you better have no skeletons in your closet. Because if there is one thing America loves more than a Hollywood blockbuster, it’s busting someone for being a hypocrite in front of the whole world. And that’s exactly what happened.

Soon Hollywood was being held to the same standards they claim everyone else should. The only problem was, we are all already behaving ourselves, it’s Hollywood that has skeletons in their closet going back decades and decades. Documented problems. Like what you may ask? Well for starters, what about the standing ovation Hollywood gave admitted child rapist Roman Polanski during the Academy Awards. Not a good look when you want to stand and preach to America about being so righteous.

But even worse for Hollywood, their sorted past was even worse than any of us thought. Sure, we knew about the casting couch, and the filthy talent agents, and the crooked managers. But we didn’t know about the Hollywood elite’s obsession with child rape jokes. Mega producer James Gunn set out on Twitter to look down at the masses and claim the moral high ground as he railed against Trump. But it wasn’t long before his obsession with raping children was made apparent, and hypocrisy claimed yet another Hollywood scalp as he was fired by Disney.

I suppose in the end you would have thought that with all the writers in Hollywood they would have remembered this simple proverb…..Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. But then again, writing isn’t exactly a strong suit in Hollywood these days.