Democrats repackaging their anti-Trump rhetoric as “patriotic” in an attempt to counter the #walkaway movement.

It looks like the viral #walkaway movement has finally caused the Progressive left and the Democrats to tweak their narrative. Although it took them long enough to realize it, they have finally seen that bashing America doesn’t really resonate with the moderates they need to win an election. Calling everyone a Nazi, or protesting during the anthem, or saying “America was never great” have all been losing narratives for them as moderate democrats distance themselves from the party.

However, all that appears to be changing and the usual cast of players on the left is now suddenly reading from a new script. And that new script is their attempt to rebrand their insane and absurd behavior as “patriotic” in an attempt to attract moderate voters.

The latest example of this is James Comey, the disgraced former FBI boss who swore he was unbiased recently took to Twitter suggesting the only way to show your patriotism is to vote Democratic.

Next, we have John Brennan, the former director of the CIA and one of loudest voices in the anti-Trump deep state media cabal calling for “patriotic Republicans” to come and stand up to Trump. Suggesting that supporting Trump is unpatriotic.

All this comes on the heels of the mainstream media all calling Donald Trump a traitor, seemingly in unison, as if they were all reading from the same talking points. Once again, attempting to paint themselves as the ones trying to save this country by doing their patriotic duty of calling out a treasonous traitor.

As you can see with all of this, they are learning from their mistakes. They realized that even with near full control of mainstream media, their anti-American rhetoric was not resonating. So now they have repackaged their same arguments but this time wrapped in a false patriotism, and calling all those who oppose them, unpatriotic.

This tactic isn’t really that new. The left has used this same technique for social issues. Where they claim their side as moral or virtuous, then declare anyone who opposes them as immoral, racist, bigots, or homophobic. Now they are simply using that same twisted game but with patriotism. Trying to paint their actions as patriotic, and anyone who opposes them as the ones who are anti-American.

Will this new narrative and repackaging of their same arguments end up resonating? Only time will tell. They do have the benefit of fully controlling the mainstream media, so if they do find the right message, they will have no problem getting that message out.