The reason the progressive left’s ideas will keep being more and more absurd and why that’s so dangerous.

Tyler S. Farley

As you have probably already noticed, the platform of the progressive left continues to defy logic and is becoming more and more absurd by the day. From their immigration stance which has them trying to give more benefits and rights to non-citizens than to the actual citizens of this country, to their constant categorization of everyone by their race, gender or sexual preference but then in the same breath calling everyone else a racist.

The reason they seem to be becoming more and more absurd is because the progressive left has turned virtue signaling into a competitive sport. Being progressive has become nothing more than people trying to one-up each other where the only goal is appearing more virtuous than the other guy. For every debate or policy issue they paint one side as moral (their side) and the other as immoral. Even in debates where there is no obvious moral position, they claim there is so they can once again appear virtuous by claiming the moral high ground where none even exists. A perfect example is the recent immigration debate. This debate should mostly be a policy debate, but the left insists on making it a moral debate of good vs. evil.

All this one-upmanship has caused the left’s platform to slowly creep into the absurd as nothing they do anymore is actually based in logical arguments, it’s all just a sport to out-virtue the next person. And while at times this can seem almost comical, it has a very serious component to it that begs the question of where does all this end. How far are progressives going to push to the far left in the never ending quest to out-virtue everyone?

Jordan Peterson recently remarked that on the far right, historically we have seen where the limits are and when “far right” ideology becomes dangerous. However, as he stated, we have not really seen where the danger zone is for the left. But in my opinion I think we are about to find out and sadly, I believe it is going to get ugly.

For example, we can already see the left’s obsession with sexual identity and gender politics. But now, they seem to be inching in a dangerous direction as more and more they are trying to push sexual and gender identity on children. All around the country the left is pushing its new progressive agenda to children.¬† For example, at public libraries in several big cities, they are hosting “Drag Queen Story Hour” where a man dressed as a woman reads stories to children as young as two years old. In one recorded session, the man in drag asks the crowd of young children, “who wants to be a drag queen?” and the kids cheer in agreement, mostly prodded by the adults in the room. And let’s not forget, this isn’t happening on the fringe in some out of the way location, this is going on at public libraries in large cities across America under the guise of teaching tolerance, but the real reason is introducing sexual identity and gender preference to children who are too young to deal with those issues..

Next, we have a recent Tedx Talk that has received so much backlash the organization tried to remove all traces of it. In the video, a medical student named Mirjam Heine tells us the story about a pedophile and how we need to start looking at those who are attracted to children as normal members of society that require our empathy. This is an obvious attempt to normalize pedophilia and something that has taken hold with progressives.

Of course, any attempts at criticizing the left for normalizing pedophilia or pushing sexual identity politics on children is countered by their usual argument. They accuse the critics as being the ones who are “sexualizing” the situation where they claim none exists. This is an obviously flawed counter argument as any reasonable observer can see the left’s obsession with sexual identity and preference goes far beyond what any moderate or conservative deems as normal.

I believe it is this disturbing direction that will ultimately lead us all to witness how far the left can go and exactly the point at which far left ideology can be just as dangerous as any other extreme ideology. Progressives incorrectly believe that a non-stop march towards increasingly progressive ideas will lead to a utopia. They believe that by definition, no progressive idea can be dangerous and always leads to a better world. But as we are already seeing, extreme left ideology can start to chip away at the very social fabric that is western civilization’s greatest achievement.