The real reason Youtube “accidently” deletes conservative videos. It’s to discourage people from creating new content.

We see it happening on an almost daily basis recently. Social media platforms like YouTube either removing, blocking, or demonetizing certain conservative videos or content, only to then say it was a mistake after a public outcry and allow the video or channel back on the platform.

Just yesterday a video by Paul Joseph Watson was censored by Youtube but after a public outcry, YouTube reinstated the video later the same day, stating that it was once again an “error” of their automated system. Once again, they always blame the automated system, which is an excuse and a total cop out to blame a computer program. But worse yet, they pretend as though they didn’t create the algorithm or flagging system itself. They pretend as though it’s self aware and misbehaved on them when in actuality they have total control over it and created it.

But the problem is worse than it seems. The reason they are constantly “accidentally” removing or demonetizing videos is to discourage other people from taking the time to create their own conservative channels or content.

Think about, if you want to go and take the time to create conservative content, you want people to either see it or maybe you want to make some money from it, which is totally fine since this is America. But if you hear stories everyday about videos and channels getting removed, or demonetized, or the reach of the video being restricted, it makes you less likely to spend your time creating content since you fear it could just get removed anyway. And over time, less conservative channels and content gets made.

Not only that, existing channels become afraid of being lumped in with the fake “alt-right” label so they steer clear of even engaging in anything politically leaning to the right out of fear their channel and possibly livelihood will be at risk. This way, sites like YouTube can censor without actually censoring, they just use fear to drive behavior.

This is the real reason this keeps happening. They know they can discourage new conservative content from being created and new conservative personalities if there is an almost daily story about how conservative content is being targeted. Fewer people will take the time to create a channel if they feel it will just be blocked, and since these new content creators just started, they will not have the fan base of an Alex Jones or other famous person to call on their Twitter followers to make YouTube reverse their decision.

And as we all know now, the people in charge of these platforms are more concerned with using their platform to push their political and social agenda than actually trying to produce a website. For example, in the James Damore lawsuit which alleges Google of unlawful termination because Damore didn’t fall in line with the company’s social beliefs, documents were presented in court that showed Google employees actively discussing methods to disrupt the Trump 2016 campaign. Everything from bricking android phones owned by Trump staff or deleting their Google accounts.

So don’t for a second think any of these deletions and censorship are just accidents. People like Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey spend their time thinking of ways to use their platform to push their misguided ideology. And to them, the end justifies the means which makes them very dangerous.