The Chinese balloon is easily large enough to carry a 500-1,000 pound payload. Enough for a nuclear device that once detonated, would be impossible to track where it came from.

Tyler S. Farley

Without a doubt, you’ve seen the reports of the Chinese “spy” balloon that is currently floating across the United States.

It started as an odd story but has now consumed the news cycle.

But as we like to do here, we want to look beyond just the headlines and instead look at what this balloon could be capable of.

To begin, the Pentagon and the White House are clearly trying to downplay the story by offering false narratives.

One of those narratives is to claim that satellites owned by the Chinese can do a much better surveillance job than the balloon, so the balloon is no additional threat.

The problem with that is it assumes the balloon is for spying. However, nobody has actually got their hands on the balloon yet, so how do they know its purpose is spying?

Next, they are downplaying how much weight a balloon like this can carry. A balloon this size can easily carry over 500 pounds, that’s enough for a small nuclear device, often referred to as a tactical nuke.

Even a full warhead on a U.S. Minuteman only weighs about 700 pounds. So a smaller nuke can be much less.

What’s scarier though is that once detonated, it would be impossible to definitively track where it came from and who sent it.

With missiles, they are tracked and the launch point is easy to prove.

With a balloon detonation, exact proof would be impossible. This makes retaliation difficult since how would you prove who sent it?

As you can see, this gives the balloon a lot more potential as a threat than the Pentagon or White House is admitting to.

Whatever the real story is, there seems to be an escalation of tensions with China. Just last week a four-star Air Force general said he expects a war with China within 2 years.

So, are these incidents real, or are the prepping the population for war?

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